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Herzlich willkommen
       in der Klosterstadt Waldsassen

englische und amerikanische Flagge

Information in English

Welcome to your personal discovery tour into Waldsassen’s history! The
founding of the town is told in a moving legend:
Around the year 1127, the nobleman Gerwig von Wollmundstein
and some of his companions settled down in Köllergrün in the
woods on the territory of margrave Diepold III (1075 – 1146), a
place close to nowadays‘ Waldsassen, to live a remote life dedicated
to God. Thus, the town’s name derives from the expression
„die im Walde saßen“ (those who sat in the woods). One day while
hunting, the margrave encountered the monks und recognized
Gerwig as a friend who once fought against him in a tournament.
Gerwig thought to have fatally injured Diepold then. Deeply dismayed
by the supposed tragedy of having killed his best friend,
Gerwig von Wollmundstein had become a monk of the monastery
in Siegburg and later reached the remote woodlands that once
would become known as “Stiftland” (“Stift” is a German word for
monastery). Out of happiness about the unexpected encounter,
the margrave promised to donate as much land to the monks
as could be covered by riding around on a donkey in one day. It
is said that the boundary of this territory was later marked by
the so called “Eselsgraben” (donkey’s ditch). In 1133 the monks
founded the monastery.
The legend is depicted in the “Stiftsbrunnen” (abbey fountain)
in the municipal park and in the frescos on the ceiling of the
chancel in the Basilika

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